Female - Oogenesis duration

(1-12 months)

Species Primary Data Secondary Data Reference
Anguilla anguilla Under artificial conditions, maturation of females took 5-6 months 5.5 Pedersen, 2003
Aphanius iberus From March to May-June 5.0 Vargas and De Sostoa, 1997
Valencia hispanica From January until April 5.0 Caiola et al, 2001
Cobitis paludica From December to April 6.0 Oliva-Paterna et al, 2002
Alburnoides bipunctatus About 10 months [From September to May] 10.0 Yildirim et al, 1999
Carassius auratus Goldfish mature in the spring 4.0 Aida, 1988
Cyprinus carpio 3-4 [August until December] 3.5 Yaron and Levavi-Zermonsky, 1986
Gobio gobio 9-10 [October to June] 9.5 Kestemont, 1987
Leuciscus leuciscus From August to mid-March 8.0 Mann, 1974
Rutilus rutilus 8-9 [From September until mid-May] 8.5 Mann, 1973
Rutilus rutilus From September until May 9.0 Kopiejewska, 2003
Tinca tinca About 3 months (April-July) 3.0 Breton et al, 1980
Tinca tinca July-August 3.0 Yilmaz, 2002
Tinca tinca The sum of temperature for the enitree oogenetic cylce calculated by summun day with mean daily temperature above 10°C ranged from 674 to 1047°C, or 1077 ± 24 1077.0 Linhart and Billard, 1995
Tinca tinca The shortest vitellogenesis for 21-32 days 26.5 Pimpicka, 1989
Esox lucius 7-8 [From July-August until February-March] 7.5 Souchon, 1983
Esox lucius 78 [From JulyAugust until March-April] 78.0 Billard, 1996
Lota lota 5-6 [From July to November] 5.5 Brylinska et al, 2002
Micropterus salmoides 5-6 (From November to Mid-March 5.5 Rosenblum et al, 1994
Perca flavescens Period of ova growth and vitellogenesis = 200 days, followed by a short stage of final maturation of oocytes and ovulation (few days) 200.0 Dabrowski et al, 1996
Perca flavescens The mimimum chill period is 160 days at approximatively 10°C or less 160.0 Heidinger and Kayes, 1986
Perca flavescens From Mid-August until Mid-April 9.0 Malservisi and Magnin, 1968
Perca fluviatilis From august to April : 7-8 months 7.5 Sulistyo et al,1998
Perca fluviatilis 6-7 From August-September to April 6.5 Bruslé and Quignard, 2001
Perca fluviatilis From August until April 9.0 Treasurer and Holliday, 1981
Perca fluviatilis Vitellogenesis lasts from September to April-May 9.0 Sandström et al, 1997
Sander lucioperca The gonald recrusdescence starts much later in pikeperch then in walleye and vitellogenesis is also completed later on 0.0 Kestemont and Mélard, 2000
Sander vitreus From October to April 7.0 Malison et al, 1994
Sander vitreus From Mid-Summer to as early as mid-January 5.0 Kestemont and Mélard, 2000
Sander vitreus < 10°C minimal temperature for gonad development 10.0 Kerr and Grant, 1999
Coregonus albula 6-8 months [From July to December] 7.0 Demska-Zakes and Dlugosz, 1995
Salmo salar March to August period, reflect the development of the gonad 7.0 Hunt et al, 1982
Salmo trutta fario Ovulation did not exceed one month 0.0 Billard, 1987
Salvelinus alpinus First histological signs of maturation were seen in March, 6-7 months prior ovulation, but onset of viteelogeneis apparently occurred over several moths between March and June. Although onset of viteelogenesis occurred as early as March, there was apprently no change in oocyte size and only a modest rise in GSI until early June. 6.5 Frantzen et al, 1997
Silurus glanis 7-8 months 7.5 Zholdasova and Guseva, 1987
Silurus glanis From December to May 7.0 Alp et al, 2004