Treasurer, 1990


Treasurer, J.W. (1990) The annual reproductive cycle of pike, Esox lucius L., in two Scottish lakes. Journal of Fish Biology, pp. 29-46

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Esox lucius Egg Oocyte diameter The range in corrected egg diameter would be 2.14-3.13 in March, unfertilized egg 2.63 mm
Esox lucius Female Age at sexual maturity All females were mature at age 3 and a proportion in both lakes was mature at age 2 [in toher studies, range between from 1/4, 2 and 2/3] 3.0 year
Esox lucius Female Length at sexual maturity The smallest female on first spawning were 28 cm but some females of age 2 < 32 m were observed to be immature. The range in observed length of females at age 3 was 29-36 cm at Kinord and 44-51 cm at Davan [other studie both both sex: range from 30 to 119 cm] 32.5 cm
Esox lucius Female Relative fecundity 11-19 [In Lake Kniord], 10-24 [L. Davan], 9-15 [L. Skene], 27.3-39.3 [Windermere] 15.0 thousand eggs/kg
Esox lucius Female Absolute fecundity 2620-121092 [In Lake Kniord], 2933-104459 [L. Davan], 3877-18501 [L. Skene] 61856.0 thousand eggs
Esox lucius Female Onset of oogenesis August-September ['August', 'September']
Esox lucius Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Increase regularly during the winter, mainly in January-February ['January', 'February', 'March']
Esox lucius Female Maximum GSI value Mean 8.98, range 3.81-11.28 [In L. Kinord], 8.32, range 7.42-8.92 [L. Davan], 4.0-8.7 [L. Skene], 15-20 [Windermere], 17 [Slapton Ley] 7.54 percent
Esox lucius Female Resting period April until August 6.0 months
Esox lucius Male Age at sexual maturity Male first spawned at 2 years in both lakes [Other studies: mostly 2, once 1 or 3] 1.0 years
Esox lucius Male Length at sexual maturity Length of 27 cm [Other studies both sex range from 30-119 cm] 74.5 cm
Esox lucius Male Onset of spermatogenesis Late August ['August']
Esox lucius Male Main spermatogenesis activity September October ['September', 'October']
Esox lucius Male Maximum GSI value Mean 0.94, range 0.84-1.05 [In L. Kinord], 1.14, range 0.99-1.20 [L. Davan] both in March, 2-4 [Windermere], 2 [Slapton Ley] 0.95 percent
Esox lucius Male Resting period The index declined to 0.04-0.08 after spawning in early April and rose from late August 3.0 months
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning season Occurred between 17 March when all females examined (N=12) were foudn to be gravid and 16 April when all (N=13) were spent ['March', 'April']
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Spawning occurred in the first two weeks of April. In any one yeare spawning was usually over 2 weeks maximum 2.0 weeks