Oliva-Paterna et al, 2002


Oliva-Paterna, F.J. and Torralva, M.M. and Fernandez-Delgado, C. (2002) Age, growth and reproduction of Cobitis paludica in a seasonal stream. Journal of fish biology, pp. 389-404

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cobitis paludica Egg Oocyte diameter 1.278 ± 0.016 [Egg within the gonad]± 1.28 mm
Cobitis paludica Female Age at sexual maturity Beginning of 2 year [Both sex specified] 2.0 year
Cobitis paludica Female Length at sexual maturity 5.8-6.4 6.1 cm
Cobitis paludica Female Absolute fecundity 1.235-1.986 The last for a female of 90 mm] 1.61 thousand eggs
Cobitis paludica Female Oocyte development Asynchornous, with oocytes in different stages of vitellogenesis, three maturation of yolky eggs in the population were detected Asynchronous
Cobitis paludica Female Onset of oogenesis December-January ['January', 'December']
Cobitis paludica Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Greatest increase in Late March-Early April ['March', 'April']
Cobitis paludica Female Maximum GSI value 11.46 [April-June] 11.46 percent
Cobitis paludica Female Oogenesis duration From December to April 6.0 months
Cobitis paludica Female Resting period A period of quiescence of 3 month [September-November] 3.0 months
Cobitis paludica Male Age at sexual maturity Beginning of 2 year [Both sex specified] 2.0 years
Cobitis paludica Male Length at sexual maturity 48-53 50.5 cm
Cobitis paludica Male Onset of spermatogenesis Early October ['October']
Cobitis paludica Male Main spermatogenesis activity Greatest increase in March ['March']
Cobitis paludica Male Maximum GSI value 1.52% [April-June] 1.52 percent
Cobitis paludica Male Spermatogenesis duration From October to April 7.0 months
Cobitis paludica Male Resting period Short quiescence period [August-September] 3.0 months
Cobitis paludica Spawning conditions Spawning season Late March to early July ['March', 'July']
Cobitis paludica Spawning conditions Spawning release Multiple spawner or batch spawner: two batches per year per females Multiple