Le Cren, 1951


Le Cren, E.D. (1951) The length-weight relationship and seasonal cycle in gonad weight and condition in the perch (Perca fluviatilis). J. Anim. Ecol., pp. 201-219

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Perca fluviatilis Female Maximum GSI value About 20% [Prior to spawning, in May] 20.0 percent
Perca fluviatilis Male Onset of spermatogenesis August ['August']
Perca fluviatilis Male Maximum GSI value About 8% [October] 8.0 percent
Perca fluviatilis Female Resting period Mid-summer No data
Perca fluviatilis Male Main spermatogenesis activity September-October, then remain at this size during winter until spring ['April', 'March', 'January', 'May', 'September', 'June', 'February', 'October']
Perca fluviatilis Female Onset of oogenesis August and then increase proceeds regulalry through the winter and spring till the spawing time in May ['April', 'March', 'January', 'May', 'August', 'June', 'February']
Perca fluviatilis Male Resting period < 1% [June, July, and most of August] 1.0 months
Perca fluviatilis Male Spermatogenesis duration About 6 weeks 6.0 months