Erdogan et al, 2002


Erdogan, O. and Türkmen, M. and Yildirim, A. (2002) Studies on the age, growth and reproduction characteristics of the chub, Leuciscus cephalus orientalis (Nordmann, 1840)in Karasu River, Turkey. Tur. J. Vet. Ani. sci., pp. 983-991

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Leuciscus cephalus Egg Oocyte diameter Egg diameter varied from 100 µm and 137 µm with a mean of 119 µm 100.0 mm
Leuciscus cephalus Female Age at sexual maturity With the exception of a small proportion of females (2.23% which mature in their second year), all females matured sexuallyduring their thrid-fifth year of life. 80.22 in their third year, 90.5% in their fourth year, 96.5% in their fifth year and 100% in their sixth year and after 2.23 year
Leuciscus cephalus Female Length at sexual maturity Between 16 and 19 cm fork length 19.0 cm
Leuciscus cephalus Female Absolute fecundity Fecundity varied from a mean of 5012 eggs per female (III years old) to a mean of 25000 eggs per female (VIII years old) 5012.0 thousand eggs
Leuciscus cephalus Female Onset of oogenesis In females in both years of this study, gonad development started in December ['December']
Leuciscus cephalus Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Particularly intense from April to May ['April', 'May']
Leuciscus cephalus Female Maximum GSI value Around 10% based on graph in May 10.0 percent
Leuciscus cephalus Female Resting period In June, the GSI diminished because of spawning and continued to do so to the end of July 3.0 months
Leuciscus cephalus Male Age at sexual maturity Males matured sexually during their second-fourth year of life. 47.07% of males were mature in their second year, 85.71% in their third year, 96.2% in their fourth year and 100% in their fifth year and after 3.0 years
Leuciscus cephalus Male Length at sexual maturity Between 13 and 18 cm fork length 18.0 cm
Leuciscus cephalus Male Onset of spermatogenesis September-October ['September', 'October']
Leuciscus cephalus Male Main spermatogenesis activity April ['April']
Leuciscus cephalus Male Maximum GSI value 8.5% [In May] 8.5 percent
Leuciscus cephalus Spawning conditions Spawning season In both years of he study, fish began to spawn on May 15 and the spawning continued to the end of July ['May', 'July']
Leuciscus cephalus Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Between 15 and 22°C 15.0 °C