Dlugosz and Worniallo, 1985


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus albula Female Age at sexual maturity 1-2 [Both sex] 1.5 year
Coregonus albula Female Length at sexual maturity 14.5-19.0 16.75 cm
Coregonus albula Female Weight at sexual maturity 30.0-64.0 g ! 47.0 kg
Coregonus albula Female Maximum GSI value 26.5 [15 December], up to 29.92 [23 November] 26.5 percent
Coregonus albula Female Resting period 2.5-3 months 2.75 months
Coregonus albula Male Age at sexual maturity 1-2 [Both sex] 1.5 years
Coregonus albula Male Length at sexual maturity 14.5-17 15.75 cm
Coregonus albula Male Weight at sexual maturity 33.0-51.0 g ! 42.0 kg
Coregonus albula Male Onset of spermatogenesis In June and July spermatogonial divisions were observed in the ampules of some gonads ['June', 'July']
Coregonus albula Male Main spermatogenesis activity In October the spermiogenesis was more intensive, but could also occur in September ['September', 'October']
Coregonus albula Male Maximum GSI value 2.35 [End of November], 4.08%[October] 2.35 percent
Coregonus albula Male Resting period 0.13-0.7 % [From December until March] 5.0 months
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning season Autumn ['October', 'November', 'December']
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Starts at 6.7-7.7 7.2 °C
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning release Observations on the annual cycle of gonad development suggest that in lakes under study vendace lied eggs in one portion only Total