Demska-Zakes and Dlugosz, 1995


Demska-Zakes, K. and Dlugosz, M. (1995) Fecundity of vendace from two lakes of Mazurian lake district. Archiwum rybactwa polskiego/Archives of Polish fisheries. Olsztyn [ARCH. RYB. POL./ARCH. POL. FISH.], pp. 37-50

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus albula Female Age at sexual maturity 1-2 [Sex specified] 1.5 year
Coregonus albula Female Length at sexual maturity 15.3-26.5 [Female in two different populations] 20.9 cm
Coregonus albula Female Weight at sexual maturity 40.3-263.5 g ! 151.9 kg
Coregonus albula Female Relative fecundity About 100 100.0 thousand eggs/kg
Coregonus albula Female Absolute fecundity 2.0-31.1 [Range of absolute fecundity in 17 lakes] 16.55 thousand eggs
Coregonus albula Female Onset of oogenesis May-June ['May', 'June']
Coregonus albula Female Intensifying oogenesis activity September-October ['September', 'October']
Coregonus albula Female Maximum GSI value Mean is 23.39 ± 4.21 [November] 23.39 percent
Coregonus albula Female Oogenesis duration 6-8 months [From July to December] 7.0 months
Coregonus albula Female Resting period 2.5-3 but up to 4-4.5 months in low temperature [January until May] 2.75 months
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning season November-December ['November', 'December']
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning release Observations and histological analysis revealed that vendace in both lakes was a monocyclic spawner No category