Martin, 1997


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Micropterus salmoides Female Maximum GSI value For Low Altitude sample, GSI reach 7.34% [In May] and for high altitude sample, 10.08, up to 11.23% [Early July] 7.34 percent
Micropterus salmoides Female Onset of oogenesis The average increase of GSI was extremely weak from November to February ['February', 'November']
Micropterus salmoides Female Intensifying oogenesis activity March-April for altitude pond sample, and May for plain pond ['April', 'March', 'May']
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning season June, at this month spawning period of the pain pond females had begun ['June']
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning release "The experiment did not allow to check the occurrence of ""multiple spanwing"". If it does occur, then it did running within a very short period of time, since in early June there were no stage IV occytes observed in the ovary sections, only stage I oocytes, oocytes in the degenerative process or empty oocytes remained. In other studies: eggs occurred of different development stages and spawning was made by small batches, over a more or less long period" Mutliple