Lenhardt and Cakic, 2002


Lenhardt, M. and Cakic, P. (2002) Seasonal reproductive cycle of pike, Esox lucius L., from the river Danube. Journal of Applied Ichthyology [J. Appl. Ichthyol./Z. Angew. Ichthyol.]., pp. 7-13

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Esox masquinongy Spawning conditions Spawning release Fractional spawner Fractional
Esox lucius Female Relative fecundity 40.4 ± 12.5 40.4 thousand eggs/kg
Esox lucius Female Absolute fecundity 0.524-123.896 62.21 thousand eggs
Esox lucius Female Onset of oogenesis The sudden enlargement of ooctytes begins in August and is particularly intensive during September, October and November ['August', 'September', 'October', 'November']
Esox lucius Female Resting period February/April (spawning period) until July 4.0 months
Esox lucius Male Onset of spermatogenesis Developing stage starts in September ['September']
Esox lucius Male Main spermatogenesis activity October, then the mature phase lasts from December until the spawn ['October', 'December']
Esox lucius Male Spermatogenesis duration The developing stage and active spermatogenesis last from September until the end of November 3.0 months
Esox lucius Male Resting period The resting period last from June until the end of August 3.0 months
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning season First half of March ['March']
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning temperature 5.5-9.8 7.65 °C
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning release Once a year Total