Cerda, 1994


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Dicentrarchus labrax Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Female fish fed D1 showed a spawning period of 93 days, with the first spawning occuring in early January and the last in the first half of April. The second dietary treatment slightly extended the spawning spread to 104 days 1.0 weeks
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Incubation time 48-72 hours at 16-17°C 60.0 days
Dicentrarchus labrax Female Relative fecundity 188-244 216.0 thousand eggs/kg
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Temperature for incubation 15 ± 0.5°C 15.0 °C
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Egg size after water-hardening 1.18 ± 0.01 [Fertilized eggs] 1.18 mm
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Egg Buoyancy Buoyant eggs Pelagic
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Oocyte diameter Mean of 1.15 1.15 mm
Dicentrarchus labrax Male Spermatogenesis duration With both diets, males were running (mitting sperm on gentle hand pressure) from early November to late April No data
Dicentrarchus labrax Female Absolute fecundity Vary between 135 and 210 135.0 thousand eggs
Dicentrarchus labrax Larvae Temperature during larval development 15 ± 0.5°C 15.0 °C
Dicentrarchus labrax Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Time of first feeding (8-9 days from hatching at 15°C) at a length of 4.78 mm 8.5 °C * day
Dicentrarchus labrax Larvae Initial larval size Mean of 3.73 and 3.85 for two different treatments 3.73 mm