Breton et al, 1980


No detailed citation.

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Tinca tinca Egg Oocyte diameter <1 1.0 mm
Tinca tinca Female Oocyte development Asynchronous ovarian development Asynchronous
Tinca tinca Female Onset of oogenesis The onset of pre-spawning in April [Until February 25. all the fish were in previtellogenensis] ['February', 'April']
Tinca tinca Female Intensifying oogenesis activity May-June (Regular increase up to the spawning) ['May', 'June']
Tinca tinca Female Maximum GSI value 8.3-10.5 [End of May] 9.4 percent
Tinca tinca Female Oogenesis duration About 3 months (April-July) 3.0 months
Tinca tinca Female Resting period Between the last reproduction and the following spring (Period when water temperature is under 10°C) 10.0 months
Tinca tinca Male Onset of spermatogenesis April ['April']
Tinca tinca Male Main spermatogenesis activity May-June (Increase regularly) ['May', 'June']
Tinca tinca Male Spermatogenesis duration About 2 (April-May) 2.0 months
Tinca tinca Spawning conditions Spawning period duration 4-6 5.0 weeks
Tinca tinca Spawning conditions Spawning temperature 20-22 (Spawning never occurred below 20°C) 21.0 °C
Tinca tinca Spawning conditions Spawning release Intermittent spawner Fractional