Penaz and Prokes, 1978


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Gobio gobio Egg Oocyte diameter Non-inseminated, freshly stripped gudgeon eggs are 0.99 mm in diameter 0.99 mm
Gobio gobio Egg Egg size after water-hardening At water temperature of 19°C, the water uptake lasted about 45 minutes and the eggs increased their diameter to 1.29 mm 1.29 mm
Gobio gobio Egg Egg adhesiveness Sticky Adhesive
Gobio gobio Egg Incubation time In the Mohelno locality, it lasted 7 days at daily mean water temperature of 16.9°C and in laboratory, 150 hours (5days) at 19.5°C. At mean water temperature of 20.14°C, the first embryos hatched in the 190th hour of development, i.e. on the 5th days after insemination of the eggs. Hatcing ended in the 164th hour of development, i.e., on the 7th day after insemination of the eggs. Other authors: 8.5 daysat 16°C, 8 days at 17.5°Cand 6 at 18°C 7.0 days
Gobio gobio Egg Temperature for incubation Artificially inseminated eggs were incubated on Petri dishes at water temperatures varying between 18.1 and 20.5°C 18.1 °C
Gobio gobio Egg Degree-days for incubation The mean duration of incubation was 133.4 DD at 20.4°C, also described at 6 days at 20°C (125 DD) 133.4 °C * day
Gobio gobio Larvae Initial larval size 3.0-4.2 3.6 mm
Gobio gobio Larvae Larvae behaviour The hatched embryos mostly lie still on the bottom Demersal
Gobio gobio Spawning conditions Spawning season Spawn in France between April and May. In the Don River, spawning was observed at the turn of April and May. In the waters of Ireland, spawn from lata May till late June ['April', 'May', 'June']
Gobio gobio Spawning conditions Spawning period duration In 1976: 11-13 May, at a mean watre temperature of 15.4 to 16.4°C; 17-19 May, at 15.1-16.4°C, 25-27 May, at 14.5-16.5°C and 10-12 June at 13.6 to 16.0°C 12.0 weeks
Gobio gobio Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Spawning occurred at daily mean temperature of 13.6 to 16.5°C. Based on all studies, it could be concluded that spawning occurs most frequently in May and June at water temperatures between 15 and 18°C 13.6 °C
Gobio gobio Spawning conditions Spawning release Spawned repeatedly in four terms No category