Jamet, 1995


Jamet, J-L. (1995) Reproduction, condition and food of adult arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus, L.) in Lake Pavin (Massif central, France). Hydrobiologia, pp. 279-288

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salvelinus alpinus Egg Oocyte diameter 4.7 ± 0,6 (mean diameter) 4.7 mm
Salvelinus alpinus Female Length at sexual maturity 23.5 23.5 cm
Salvelinus alpinus Female Relative fecundity 2.509 ± 0.964 2.51 thousand eggs/kg
Salvelinus alpinus Female Onset of oogenesis Gonad development began in August ['August']
Salvelinus alpinus Female Maximum GSI value 17.4 [max value observed in October] 17.4 percent
Salvelinus alpinus Female Resting period 0.3 (Resting period lasted until July) 2.0 months
Salvelinus alpinus Male Length at sexual maturity 20.7 20.7 cm
Salvelinus alpinus Male Maximum GSI value 4.2 (max value in September) 4.2 percent
Salvelinus alpinus Male Resting period Almost 0 (Between December to July, value in July = 0.6%) 9.0 months
Salvelinus alpinus Spawning conditions Spawning migration period Males are on the spawning sites two months prior to reproduction (from August onward) ['August']
Salvelinus alpinus Spawning conditions Spawning season October and the first half of December ['October', 'December']
Salvelinus alpinus Spawning conditions Spawning period duration 3-5 4.0 weeks
Salvelinus alpinus Spawning conditions Spawning release Once, may not spawn every year but spend several years between two spawning season Multiple