Treasurer and Holliday, 1981


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Perca fluviatilis Female Maximum GSI value 21.3-24.3% [Immediatly prior to spawning] 22.8 percent
Perca fluviatilis Male Onset of spermatogenesis August ['August']
Perca fluviatilis Female Oogenesis duration From August until April No data
Perca fluviatilis Male Maximum GSI value 6.6-7.1 [September-October] 6.85 percent
Perca fluviatilis Female Resting period 4-4.5 [From April until August] 4.25 months
Perca fluviatilis Male Main spermatogenesis activity September-October, then decrease slightly until spawning and remain at about 5% during winter ['March', 'January', 'September', 'February', 'October']
Perca fluviatilis Female Onset of oogenesis GSI rise steadily in August ['August']
Perca fluviatilis Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Steadily increase from August until April ['April', 'August']
Perca fluviatilis Male Resting period 0.2 [June, July] 0.2 months
Perca fluviatilis Spawning conditions Spawning release All eggs are shed in a single batch Mutliple