Lenhardt, 1992


Lenhardt, M. (1992) Seasonal changes in some blood chemistry parameters and in relative liver and gonad weights of pike (Esox lucius L.) from the River Danube. Journal of Fish Biology [J. FISH BIOL.], pp. 709-718

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Esox lucius Female Onset of oogenesis August-September ['August', 'September']
Esox lucius Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Winter [Important in increase in November, and continue to increase until spawning] ['January', 'February', 'March', 'November']
Esox lucius Female Maximum GSI value About 22% 22.0 percent
Esox lucius Female Resting period 3 Months (June to end of August) 3.0 months
Esox lucius Female Resting period Almost 0% (June, July, August) 4.0 months
Esox lucius Male Onset of spermatogenesis End of August ['August']
Esox lucius Male Main spermatogenesis activity September-October ['September', 'October']
Esox lucius Male Maximum GSI value 2-3 [End of October] 2.5 percent
Esox lucius Male Resting period < 0.1 [June, July, mid-August] 4.0 months
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning season Mid-February until Mid-April ['February', 'March', 'April']