Hliwa and Martyniak, 2002


Hliwa, P. and Martyniak, A. (2002) The absolute fecundity of Vimba vimba (L.) from Lake Ostrowieckie (Oder River catchment area, northwest Poland). Archives of Polish Fisheries/Archiwum Rybactwa Polskiego [Arch. Pol. Fish./Arch. Ryb. Pol.]., pp. 269-274

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Vimba vimba Female Age at sexual maturity 4-5 4.5 year
Vimba vimba Female Length at sexual maturity 24 24.0 cm
Vimba vimba Female Relative fecundity 25.6-120.1 72.85 thousand eggs/kg
Vimba vimba Female Absolute fecundity 9.56-157 83.28 thousand eggs
Vimba vimba Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance Anadromous, but this population is stationary and non-migratory No data
Vimba vimba Spawning conditions Spawning season From Beginning of May until the first ten days of June ['May', 'June']
Vimba vimba Spawning conditions Spawning period duration 5 [But usually shorter] 5.0 weeks
Vimba vimba Spawning conditions Spawning release Usually spawn twice in one season, or even three times No category
Vimba vimba Spawning conditions Parity At least six age class, from 4+ to 9+ participate in the spawning season No category