Lobon-Cervia and Fernandez-Delgado, 1984


Lobon-Cervia, J. and Fernadez-Delgado, C. (1984) On the biology of the barbel (Barbus barbus bocagei) in the Jaram River. Folia Zoologica, pp. 371-384

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Barbus barbus Female Age at sexual maturity 50% of the female are mature in their sixth year, 40% in their seventh year and 100% in their > eighth 50.0 year
Barbus barbus Female Length at sexual maturity Females became mature at 18-20 19.0 cm
Barbus barbus Female Female sexual dimorphism The difference in age at first spawing betwen males and females is 3-4 years Absent
Barbus barbus Female Onset of oogenesis New increase in the gonad weight is noted from September, especially in females ['September']
Barbus barbus Female Intensifying oogenesis activity During spring (March-May) a rapid frowth of the gonads occurs until the next spawning ['March', 'April', 'May', 'June']
Barbus barbus Female Maximum GSI value About 11%, up to 12 [In beginning of June] 11.0 percent
Barbus barbus Female Resting period There seems to be a two-month quiescent period (July-August) 3.0 months
Barbus barbus Male Age at sexual maturity 6% of males are mature in their second year, 92% in their third year and 100% in their > fourth 6.0 years
Barbus barbus Male Length at sexual maturity Males become mature at 7 7.0 cm
Barbus barbus Male Male sexual dimorphism Male and female barbels reach approximatively the same value of Gi in the reproductive period, hich is very uncommon in cyprinid fishes Absent
Barbus barbus Male Onset of spermatogenesis A new increase in gonad weight, seems to be in February ['February']
Barbus barbus Male Main spermatogenesis activity April-May ['April', 'May']
Barbus barbus Male Maximum GSI value About 11 [Beginning of June] 11.0 percent
Barbus barbus Male Resting period No differences in term of GSI between September till January 3.0 months