Darchambeau and Poncin, 1997


Darchambeau, F. and Poncin, P. (1997) Field observations on the spawning behaviour of European grayling. Journal of fish biology, pp. 1066-1068

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Thymallus thymallus Female Length at sexual maturity Two females (total lengths 25 and 30 cm) 30.0 cm
Thymallus thymallus Female Female sexual dimorphism Distinguished from the males by their pale colour pattern Present
Thymallus thymallus Male Length at sexual maturity On each spawning area, only one male (31 cm total length for the upstream site; 34 cm for the downstream site) was territorial for 2 days. Two other males (both about 30 cm total length) did not appear to defend territories. 31.0 cm
Thymallus thymallus Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Spawning period ran from 6 to 8 April 6.0 weeks
Thymallus thymallus Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Average temperature of 8.8°C 8.8 °C
Thymallus thymallus Spawning conditions Spawning depth Most spawing occurred in 20-55 cm water depth 37.5 m
Thymallus thymallus Spawning conditions Spawning substrate The stream beds consisted of fine gravel (1-2 cm)mixed up with larger pebbles (5-10 cm) and stones (15-25 cm). Lithophils
Thymallus thymallus Spawning conditions Mating system A spawning act was considered successful when the behavioural sequence observed in a pair included 'apporach', 'quiverin', 'dorsal fin clasping', 'tail crossing', 'head and tail-up posture', and finally 'gaping', associated with the release of eggs en sperm [Of the 25 spawning acts observed, 24 included the female and the territorial male with one spawning act included two males and one female; of the 70 behavioural sequences, 18 involved a second male that joined he pair before spawning] No category