Holcik, 1990


Holcik, J. (1990) Conservation of the huchen, Hucho hucho (L.), (Salmonidae) with special reference to Slovakian rivers. Journal of Fish Biology, pp.

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Hucho hucho Egg Incubation time 20 days at 12°C 20.0 days
Hucho hucho Egg Degree-days for incubation 240 [20 days at 12°C] 240.0 °C * day
Hucho hucho Female Age at sexual maturity 4-5 [Sex specified] 4.5 year
Hucho hucho Female Weight at sexual maturity 2-3 2.5 kg
Hucho hucho Male Age at sexual maturity 3-4 [Sex specified] 3.5 years
Hucho hucho Male Weight at sexual maturity 1-2 1.5 kg
Hucho hucho Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance Move upstream to spawning sites, but these migrations are short, not exceeding 10-25 km 17.5 km
Hucho hucho Spawning conditions Spawning temperature 5-10 7.5 °C
Hucho hucho Spawning conditions Spawning release Eggs are buried in spawning redds No category