Sarvala et al, 1992


Sarvala, J. and Helminen, H. and Hirvonen, A. (1992) Fecundity of vendace (Coregonus albula) in relation to year-class variations in Lake Pyhäjärvi, SW-Finland. Pol. Arch. Hydrobiol., pp. 341-349

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus albula Female Age at sexual maturity The spawning stock consisted mainly of age 1+ fishes, and thier numbers varied little during the study period 1.0 year
Coregonus albula Female Length at sexual maturity Overall mean length was 20.9 ±2.3 20.9 cm
Coregonus albula Female Weight at sexual maturity Overall mean weight was 71.5±25.0 71.5 kg
Coregonus albula Female Absolute fecundity Overall, mean fecundity was 10390 ±3890 10390.0 thousand eggs
Coregonus albula Female Maximum GSI value Means of GSI very between 24.1-29.5 between years 26.8 percent
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning season Vendace spawn in Pyhäjärvi in early November ['November']
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Spawning temperature When the water temperature was about 4°C 4.0 °C
Coregonus albula Spawning conditions Parity Four year ages sampled No category