Poulet, 2004


Poulet, N. (2004) Le sandre (Sander lucioperca (L.)): Biologie, comportement et dynamique des populations en Camargue (Bouches du Rhône, FRance). Université de Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Sander lucioperca Egg Oocyte diameter Mean 0.88, range 0.68-1.04 [Ovocyte diameter] 0.86 mm
Sander lucioperca Female Age at sexual maturity 3+ [Female mature] 3.0 year
Sander lucioperca Female Length at sexual maturity About half mature at 32.2, and 100% at 42.0 32.2 cm
Sander lucioperca Female Relative fecundity Mean 255.412 ±16.710 255.41 thousand eggs/kg
Sander lucioperca Female Onset of oogenesis From September to December, pre-maturation of gonads ['September', 'October', 'November', 'December']
Sander lucioperca Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Based on GSI graph, increases regularly between September to March, slight increase in March ['January', 'February', 'March', 'September', 'October', 'November']
Sander lucioperca Female Maximum GSI value Mean of 9, but up to 21.6 [March] 9.0 percent
Sander lucioperca Female Resting period From May-June the post-spawning season and from June to September the resting period 6.0 months
Sander lucioperca Male Age at sexual maturity 1 [50% of mature males] 1.0 years
Sander lucioperca Male Length at sexual maturity 50% of mature male at 24.6 and 100% at 30.0 50.0 cm
Sander lucioperca Spawning conditions Spawning season March-April ['March', 'April']
Sander lucioperca Spawning conditions Spawning temperature 12-14 13.0 °C