Sandström et al, 1997


Sandstrom, O. and Abrahamsson, I. and Andersson, J. and Vetemaa, M. (1997) Temperature effects on spawning and egg development in Eurasian perch. Journal of fish biology, pp. 1015-1024

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Perca fluviatilis Egg Temperature for incubation The range of temperature for successful perch embryo developpment is 8-18°C with an optimum of 13°C 13.0 °C
Perca fluviatilis Larvae Initial larval size 4.8-5.4 5.1 mm
Perca fluviatilis Female Oogenesis duration Vitellogenesis lasts from September to April-May 9.0 months
Perca fluviatilis Spawning conditions Spawning season Beginning of April until June ['April', 'May', 'June']
Perca fluviatilis Spawning conditions Spawning period duration spawning last for > 9 weeks. The length of the main spawning period was about 5weeks. [The spawning period was very extended in the heated environments] 9.0 weeks
Perca fluviatilis Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Stars at 7 and ends at 20°C, but for other areas 12-14 until 24°C 13.0 °C