Merriman, 1937


Merriman, D. (1937) Notes on the life history of the striped bass (Roccus lineatus). Copeia, pp. 15-37

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Egg Egg size after water-hardening 3.6 [Eggs] 3.6 mm
Morone saxatilis Egg Egg Buoyancy Semibuoyant: that is they sink but are swpet up from the bottom by the slightest disturbance of the water Demersal
Morone saxatilis Egg Incubation time 74 hours at 58°F and 48hours at 67°F 74.0 days
Morone saxatilis Female Age at sexual maturity A few of the female striped bass become mature by the end of their 3rd year, while the majority attain maturity at the end of their 4th year 3.0 year
Morone saxatilis Female Absolute fecundity Very prolific, a female of only 12 pounds has been known to yield 1280000 eggs, while a 75 pound fish would produce as many as 10000000. 12.0 thousand eggs
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning migration period Anadromous, coming in from the sea to spawn in brackish or fresh water No data
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning season April through June, the excat time depending on the latirude and temperature ['April', 'June']
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning water type In these rapids, where the muddy current is exceedingly strong and rendered very erratic by islands, boulders and rocks, the fish spaws. Spawn in low-lying flooded delta country adjacent to Suisun Bay, where the borders between brackish and purely fresh Flowing or turbulent water