Bennett and Gibbons, 1975


Bennett, D.H. and Gibbons, J.W. (1975) Reproduction cycles of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in a cooling reservoir. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc., pp. 77-82

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Micropterus salmoides Female Onset of oogenesis Recrudescence commenced in September-October ['September', 'October']
Micropterus salmoides Female Intensifying oogenesis activity February ['February']
Micropterus salmoides Female Maximum GSI value Maximal GSI observed for females were 8.2 (unheated) and 8.8 (heated) in March 8.2 percent
Micropterus salmoides Female Resting period GSI were minimal ind mid-summer 4.0 months
Micropterus salmoides Male Onset of spermatogenesis Recrudescence commenced in September-October ['September', 'October']
Micropterus salmoides Male Main spermatogenesis activity January-February ['January', 'February']
Micropterus salmoides Male Maximum GSI value Maximal value of GSI for males were 0.85 (unheated) and 0.81 (heated) in March 0.85 percent
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning season Spawning in heated and unheated areas of Par Pond occurred predominantly during March and April ['March', 'April']