Yaron and Levavi-Zermonsky, 1986


Yaron, Z. and Levavi-zermonsky, B. (1986) Fluctuations in gonadotropin and ovarian steroids during the annual cycle and spawning of the common carp. Fish. Physiol. Biochem., pp. 75-86

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cyprinus carpio Female Maximum GSI value About 10% 10.0 percent
Cyprinus carpio Female Oogenesis duration 3-4 [August until December] 3.5 months
Cyprinus carpio Female Resting period About two months [June-July] No data
Cyprinus carpio Female Onset of oogenesis GSI increased gradually from August until February ['February', 'August']
Cyprinus carpio Female Intensifying oogenesis activity October to December ['October', 'December']