Kirillov, 1989


Kirillov, A.F. (1989) Burbot, Lota lota, of Vilyuysk reservoir. Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 49-55

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Lota lota Egg Egg Buoyancy Eggs are demersal, but the presence of a large fat droplet makes the eggs remain near the bottom in a suspended condition Demersal
Lota lota Female Length at sexual maturity Mean 57, range 45.5-77 [Age 6+], Mean 55.4, range 49-75 [Age 7+], and mean 71.3, range 55-87 [Age 8+] 61.25 cm
Lota lota Female Weight at sexual maturity Mean 1.724, range 0.62-3.73 [Age 6+], Mean 2.53, range 0.8-3.12 [Age 7+], and mean 3.080, range 1.1-6.1 [Age 8+] 2.17 kg
Lota lota Female Absolute fecundity The maximum absolute fecundity in the Vilyuysk Reservoir is 777000, individual absolute fecundity of Ob' burbot reaches 5 million eggs 777000.0 thousand eggs
Lota lota Male Age at sexual maturity Burbot attain sexual maturity in the Vilyuy basin in the 7th year, mostly 8th of life. Most probably, the males mature one year earlier 7.0 years
Lota lota Male Length at sexual maturity Mean 56.1, range 46.5-71 [Age 6+], mean 57.5, range 49.5-77 [Age 7+] 58.75 cm
Lota lota Male Weight at sexual maturity Mean 1.381, range 0.8-3.065 [Age 6+], and mean 1.411, range 0.85-3.56 [Age 7+] 1.93 kg
Lota lota Male Maximum GSI value The maturity index of males sharply increases in November to 14.55 14.55 percent
Lota lota Spawning conditions Spawning season Maximum feeding of burbot was observed during the prespawning (September-December) and postspawning (March-June) feeding periods ['March', 'June', 'September', 'December']