Jobling et al, 2002b


Jobling, M. and Beresford, N. and Nolan, M. and Rodgers-Gray, T. and Brighty, G.C. and Sumpter, J.P. and Tyler, C.R. (2002) Altered sexual maturation and gamete production in wild roach (Rutilus rutilus) living in rivers that receive treated sewage effluents. Biology of reproduction, pp. 272-281

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Rutilus rutilus Female Age at sexual maturity All female fish of 4 yr or older from both reference sites in the autumn were undergoing sexual maturation 4.0 year
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Spawning season One to coincide with the annual spawning (spring sampling: Aire, n = 44, 18 May 1998; Nene, n = 70, 22 May, 1998; refrence 3, n = 51, 19 May 1998) ['April', 'May', 'June']
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Takes place in the spring over 1 or 2 days 1.0 weeks
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Mating system Group spawners Promiscuity
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Spawning release Single event Total