Rosenblum, 1994


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning temperature 15 (Observation of the first spawning) 15.0 °C
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning period duration 4-14 9.0 weeks
Micropterus salmoides Female Maximum GSI value 4.57 for 15 forage-fed females (March), 6.97 ± 0.52 for 20 pelled-fed female (April and early May) 6.97 percent
Micropterus salmoides Male Onset of spermatogenesis A recrudescence of testicular recrudescence was evident from October through December ['October', 'December']
Micropterus salmoides Female Oogenesis duration 5-6 (From November to Mid-March 5.5 months
Micropterus salmoides Male Maximum GSI value 0.87 ± 0,07 (Beginning of April) but also 1,20 for pellet-fed male ( 0.87 percent
Micropterus salmoides Female Resting period 2 (September and October), < 1 (between September and October, declined between August, and mid-September) 2.0 months
Micropterus salmoides Male Main spermatogenesis activity Initial gonadal growth occured between January and April ['April', 'January']
Micropterus salmoides Female Onset of oogenesis Gonadal recrudescence for the following spawning period was observed from November through December, as GSI increased significantly ['November', 'December']
Micropterus salmoides Male Resting period < 0,1 (September, sharp decrease in August) 0.0 months
Micropterus salmoides Male Spermatogenesis duration 6-7 (From October to March-April) 6.5 months
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning season Mid-March ['March']
Micropterus salmoides Spawning conditions Spawning release Bass spawned intermittently during the spawning season as revealed by (i) the presence of fry over the entire duration of the spawning season, (ii) pattern of GSI : values returned to the regressed level gradually Fractional