Poncin, 1989


Poncin, P. (1989) Effects of different photoperiods on the reproduction of the barbel, Barbus barbus (L.), reared at constant temperature. Journal of Fish Biology, pp. 395-400

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Barbus barbus Spawning conditions Spawning substrate Lithophilous Lithophils
Leuciscus cephalus Female Maximum GSI value 12, range 11-14 [In June] 12.5 percent
Leuciscus cephalus Male Onset of spermatogenesis October-november ['October']
Leuciscus cephalus Male Maximum GSI value Mean 5, range 4-6 [June] 5.0 percent
Leuciscus cephalus Male Main spermatogenesis activity March-April ['April', 'March']
Leuciscus cephalus Female Onset of oogenesis November ['November']
Leuciscus cephalus Female Intensifying oogenesis activity April-May ['April', 'May']