Sokolova, 1990


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Abramis brama Egg Oocyte diameter 0.83-1.16 [First batch] to 0.53-0.73 [Second batch] 0.99 mm
Abramis brama Female Age at sexual maturity 3 [Rarely 2] 3.0 year
Abramis brama Female Length at sexual maturity 24.0-39.4 31.7 cm
Abramis brama Female Weight at sexual maturity 0.335-1.590 0.96 kg
Abramis brama Female Relative fecundity 381.3 is the mean [Range 94.0 to 600.3], calculated without viscera, i.e. IOP 381.3 thousand eggs/kg
Abramis brama Female Absolute fecundity Average 234.2 [Range 66 to 605.6] 234.2 thousand eggs
Abramis brama Female Maximum GSI value Up to 23.3 [Calculated without viscera] 23.3 percent
Abramis brama Male Age at sexual maturity 2-3 2.5 years
Abramis brama Male Length at sexual maturity 23.0-35.6 29.3 cm
Abramis brama Male Weight at sexual maturity 0.260-1.104 0.68 kg
Abramis brama Male Maximum GSI value Up to 6.1% [Calculated without viscera] 6.1 percent
Abramis brama Spawning conditions Spawning release At least two batches of eggs per female Multiple
Abramis brama Spawning conditions Parity The spawning populations included up to height age classes No category