Roche-Mayzaud et al, 1998


Roche-Mayzaud, O. and Mayzaud, P. (1998) Changes in lipid classes and trypsin activity during the early development of brrok charr, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mithcill) fry. Aquaculture Research, pp. 137-152

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salvelinus fontinalis Egg Egg size after water-hardening Means of diameter range from 4.65 +/-0.5 to 4.80 +/-0.04 4.65 mm
Salvelinus fontinalis Egg Temperature for incubation The freshwater temperature was 9°C at the beginning of November and rapidly decreased to 1-0°C by the end of December, although heating systems kept the water temperature in the incubation trays above 3°C 0.5 °C
Salvelinus fontinalis Egg Degree-days for incubation After 100% hatching occurred, varying 437 DD, 416 DD and 458 DD, water temperature was gradually increased to 8°C 100.0 °C * day
Salvelinus fontinalis Larvae Temperature during larval development After 100% hatching occurred, water temperature was gradually increased to 8°C 100.0 °C
Salvelinus fontinalis Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption The feeding experiment was initiated 112 days after fertilization (5 weeks after hatching). Sampling started when all fry from a given group hadesorbed started exogenous feeding, with the yolk sac being fully or partially resorbed 112.0 °C * day
Salvelinus fontinalis Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding The feeding experiment started 16 weeks after fertilization (21 February 1992 for SWF2 and FWF2, and 28 February 1992 for FWF3), when all the free-swimming fry were feeding (mouths and complete digestive tracts functional). This corresponded to 658.2 degree-days from time of fertilization for FWF2 and SWF2, and 622.5 degree-days for FWF3 16.0 °C * day