Ojanguren and Brana, 2003


Ojanguren, A.F. and Brana, F. (2003) Thermal dependence of embryonic develoment in brow trout. Journal of fish biology, pp. 580-590

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salmo trutta fario Egg Incubation time 105 [4°C], 50 [8°C], 40 [10°C] and 30 days [12°C] 105.0 days
Salmo trutta fario Egg Temperature for incubation Survival was maximal at 8 and 10°C and decreased at higher and lower temperatures [No embryo hatched at 16 and 18°C, which suggests an upper thermal limit for development between 14 and 16°C] 8.0 °C
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Initial larval size About 13 [When eggs reared at 14°C] to about 16 [When eggs reared at 4°C] 13.0 mm
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Temperature during larval development Survival between hatching and the end of the embryonic development was >80% in the range between 6 and 12°C and decreased sharply, to < 50% at 14 and 4°C 80.0 °C
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding 300-350 [About 25 days at 14°C to 75 days at 4°C] 325.0 °C * day