Vollestad and Lillehammer, 2000


Vollestad, L.A. and Lillehammer, T. (2000) Individual variation in early life-history traits in brown trout. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, pp. 242-247

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salmo trutta fario Egg Egg size after water-hardening The egg size at 2 days post-fertilization varied from 5.78 ±0.29 and 6.41 ± 0.28 5.78 mm
Salmo trutta fario Egg Temperature for incubation Decrease from 7 to 4°C 7.0 °C
Salmo trutta fario Egg Degree-days for incubation From 425.6 to 437.3 425.6 °C * day
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Initial larval size 14.5 and 16.2 [Size at hatching] 14.5 mm
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Temperature during larval development 7 7.0 °C
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption 561 to 752 [Degree-days, life span after hatching, without external food] 561.0 °C * day