Koenst and Smith, 1976


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Sander vitreus Egg Incubation time Days to median hatch: 34 days at [6°C], 27 [8.9°C], 15 [12°C], 10 [15.°C], 7 [18.1°C] 34.0 days
Sander vitreus Egg Temperature for incubation The greatest overall mean percentage hatch was at incubation temperature of 9-15°C and the lowest at 21°C. There was no significant difference found in the percentage hatch between the incubation temperatures of 9-15°C 12.0 °C
Sander vitreus Larvae Initial larval size Mean size at hatch: 6.0 At 6°C], 7.3 [8.9°C], 7.8 [12.0°C], 7.2 [15.0°C], 8 [18°C] 6.0 mm
Sander vitreus Larvae Temperature during larval development The optimum ranges for fry survival are 15-21°C 18.0 °C
Sander vitreus Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Many authors have reported that walleye spawning occurs at 6-12°C 9.0 °C
Sander vitreus Egg Temperature for incubation 16.7-19.4 18.05 °C