Holland et al, 2000


Holland, M.C. and Hassin, S. and Zohar, Y. (2000) Gonadal development and plasma steroid levels during pubertal development in captive-reared stripped bass, Morone saxatilis. Journal of experimental zoology, pp. 49-63

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Female Age at sexual maturity In the mid-Atlantic region, females mature between 3 to 7 years 3.0 year
Morone saxatilis Female Onset of oogenesis In October and November of the third year, SG-I oocytes became more numerous. By December, 50% of the fish contained two populations of oocytes in captive maturing females ['October', 'November', 'December']
Morone saxatilis Female Intensifying oogenesis activity January and February in maturing captive females ['January', 'February']
Morone saxatilis Female Maximum GSI value Mean of 4% in April, for maturing captive females 4.0 percent
Morone saxatilis Male Age at sexual maturity In the mid-Atlantic region, males reach sexual maturity during their second and third year 2.0 years
Morone saxatilis Male Onset of spermatogenesis In October-November, spermatogenesis began in all males in reared conditions ['October', 'November']
Morone saxatilis Male Main spermatogenesis activity GSI increased rapidly from December to April, mainly December to February in reared conditions ['January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'December']
Morone saxatilis Male Maximum GSI value Mean of 9.5, up to 10.5 [Mid-April] in reared conditions 9.5 percent
Morone saxatilis Male Resting period In June, after the second reproductive season, testes from mature fish strated to regress and spermatozoa were resorbed. In September (the beginning of the third reproductive cycle) only spermatogonia were present in the testes. 3.0 months