Olsen and Rulifson, 1992


Olsen, E.J. and Rulifson, R.A. (1992) Maturation and fecundity of Roanoke-Albemarle Sound of striped bass. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc., pp. 524-537

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Female Age at sexual maturity About 44% of age-3 females were sexually mature and that all females examined were mature by age 6 [Female stripped bass from the Atlantic coast of the USA mature mainly at age 5-6, yet some mature at 3-4] 5.5 year
Morone saxatilis Female Length at sexual maturity Size of females sampled in Albemarle Sound in spring 1989-1990: mean 50.4, range 45.7-55 [Age 3]; mean 56.8, range 49.2-62.8 [Age 4], mean 58.9, range 53.4-65.4 Age 5], mean 62.7, range 57.5-69.6 (Age 6 1989.5 cm
Morone saxatilis Female Absolute fecundity Age-3 females produced approximatively 200,000 eggs, one age 16-female produced approximatively 5,000,000 eggs. Fecundity of female stripped bass increased about 100,000-200000 eggs with year of growth 100000.0 thousand eggs
Morone saxatilis Female Intensifying oogenesis activity In early March 1989, the GSI of age-3 fish was 1.95. The Gsi had increased to only 2.11 by mid-April but jumped to 10.77 in May ['March', 'April', 'May']
Morone saxatilis Female Maximum GSI value Vary according to the age of female from: 10.77 ±3.28 [Age 3]; 12.10 ± 4.65 [Age 4]; 13.58 ± 4.30 [Age 5]; 18.19 ± 4.09 [Age 6] in May 10.77 percent