Carscaden and Legget, 1975


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Alosa sapidissima Male Male sexual dimorphism In all populations and years, males matured at a significantly younger age than females Absent
Alosa sapidissima Female Age at sexual maturity 3.8-4.1 [Female] 3.95 years
Alosa sapidissima Female Absolute fecundity 118.929-165.776 [Mean population fecundity] 142.3525 thousand eggs
Alosa sapidissima Female Weight at sexual maturity 1.622-2.095 [Mean weight of repeat spawners] 1.8585 kg
Alosa sapidissima Female Length at sexual maturity 46.8-49.5 [Mean length of repeat spawners] 48.15 cm
Alosa sapidissima Male Length at sexual maturity 42.9-46.9 [Mean length of repeat spawners] 44.9 cm
Alosa sapidissima Male Weight at sexual maturity 1.210-1.803 [Mean weight of repeat spawners] 1.5065 kg
Alosa sapidissima Female Age at sexual maturity 4.2-4.5 [Female] 4.35 year
Alosa sapidissima Spawning conditions Parity The proportions of repeat spawning fish in the sample decreased to 85% for males in 1972 and 78 and 64% for males and females respectively in 1973 Iteroparous