Tebo and McCoy, 1964


Tebo, .L.B. and McCoy, E.G. (1964) Effect of seawater concentration on the reproduction and survival of largemouth bass and bluegill. Progressive Fish-culturist, pp. 99-106

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Micropterus salmoides Egg Incubation time Hatching was complete within 48 hours from the time of fertilization, at 70-72°F 71.0 days
Micropterus salmoides Egg Temperature for incubation Water temperature in the test media was checked periodically and varied between 70° and 72°F, i.e. 21-22°C 21.5 °C
Micropterus salmoides Larvae Temperature during larval development Reared at 72°F, i.e. 22.5°C 72.0 °C
Micropterus salmoides Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption 120-130 [The yolk sac was absorbed and all fry were free-swimming 168 hours (less 48 hours for hatching) after fertilization, at 70-72°F, i.e. 20-22] 125.0 °C * day