Pimpicka, 1989


Pimpicka, E. (1989) Histological analysis of the ovaries in tench (Tina tina L.) from Lake Drweckie. Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria [ACTA ICHTHYOL. PISC.]., pp. 75-94

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Tinca tinca Female Oocyte development Asynchronic continuous growth of oocytes during the spawning season Asynchronous
Tinca tinca Female Onset of oogenesis Vitellogenesis commenced in May. Its beginning was determined by water temperature (>10°C) ['May']
Tinca tinca Female Oogenesis duration The shortest vitellogenesis for 21-32 days 26.5 months
Tinca tinca Female Resting period Period of restoration (August) and rest (since September till the end of April) lasted in tench from Lake Drweckie for 9 months. In this period all ovaries were in stage VI/II-III or VI/III, and then in stage III of maturity. Oocyte resorption was observed throughout the year. it was most intensive during fish production, especially in 1979 when water temperature showed considerable variations. 9.0 months
Tinca tinca Male Onset of spermatogenesis Changes in the ovaries take place in the ovaries were initiated in April, i.e. at the time of intensive vitellogenesis ['April']
Tinca tinca Male Main spermatogenesis activity Vitellogenesis commenced in May. In Kiev reseroivr vitellogenesis commenced in May in all tench females. In a fish pond in Golyszk, yolk accumulated in the oocytes as early as February and a little later (march) in Lake Dgal Wielki ['February', 'May']
Tinca tinca Spawning conditions Spawning season May-August. Other authors observed that tench spawned until Jul, other ended in mid-July, tench deased to spawn in the first days of august, also in mid-August ['May', 'July', 'August']