Kopiejewska, 2003


Kopiejewska, W. and Terlecki, J. and Chybowski, L. (2003) Varied somatic growth and sex cell development in reciprocal hybrids of roach Rutilus rutilus (L.) and ide Leuciscus idus (L.). Archives of Polish Fisheries/Archiwum Rybactwa Polskiego [Arch. Pol. Fish./Arch. Ryb. Pol.], pp. 33-44

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Rutilus rutilus Female Onset of oogenesis Vitellogenesis starts in September and proceeds up to spawning ['September']
Rutilus rutilus Female Oogenesis duration From September until May 9.0 months
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Spawning season May ['May']
Rutilus rutilus Spawning conditions Spawning release Spawn a single time per spawning season Total