Leguen et al, 2007


Leguen, I. and Véron, V. and Sevellec, C. and Azam, D. and Sabatié, R. and Prunet, P. and Bagliniere, J.L. (2007) Development of hypoosmoregulatory ability in allis shad Alosa alosa. Journal of fish biology, pp. 630-637

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Alosa alosa Egg Temperature for incubation Just after fertilization, eggs were collected and incubated in Zoug bottles at 20°C, ± 1°C 20.0 °C
Alosa alosa Egg Degree-days for incubation Hatching occurred 5 days after fertilization at 20°C 5.0 °C * day
Alosa alosa Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption Yolk-sac resoprtion occurred 6 days after fertilization at 20°C (less 5 for incubation) 6.0 °C * day
Alosa alosa Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding After yolk-sac resorption fish were fed twice a day (i.e. one day at 20°C post-hatching) 20.0 °C * day