Wolnicki and Myszkowski, 1998


Wolnicki, J. and Myszkowski, L. (1998) Survival, growth and food conversion in European wels, Silurus glanis L., larvae fed commercial dry diets at 28°C. Pol. Arc. Hydrobiol., pp. 531-538

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Chondrostoma nasus Larvae Temperature during larval development Reared at 25 and 28 (range ± 0.5°C) 25.0 °C
Chondrostoma nasus Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding From the very onset of external feeding (day 6 post-hatch) for 20 days, at 25-28°C 26.5 °C * day
Chondrostoma nasus Spawning conditions Spawning substrate Lithophilous rheophilic cyprinid Lithophils
Silurus glanis Larvae Sibling intracohort cannibalism In the course of the trial , the fish manifested neither sibling cannibalism nor any indications of an aggressive behavior Absent
Silurus glanis Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding 130 [5 days at 28°C] 130.0 °C * day