Santiago et al, 2004


Santiago, C.B. and Ricci, M. and Reyes-Lampa, A. (2004) Effect of nematode Panagrellus redivirus density on growth, survival, feed consumption and carcass composition of bighead carp Aristichthys nobilis (Richardson) larvae. J. Appl. Ichthyol., pp. 22-27

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Aristichthys nobilis Egg Incubation time Eggs started to hatch after about 18 Hour of incubation at 27-28°C 27.5 days
Aristichthys nobilis Egg Temperature for incubation 27-28 27.5 °C
Aristichthys nobilis Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding The first feeding bighead carp larvae (about 3 days post-hacth), with temperature range 26-28°C in the morning and 28-30°C in the afternoon 27.0 °C * day
Aristichthys nobilis Female Length at sexual maturity 53.8 ± 4.7 [Females in reared conditions] 53.8 cm
Aristichthys nobilis Female Weight at sexual maturity 3.38 ± 0.87 [Females reared in control conditions] 3.38 kg
Aristichthys nobilis Female Relative fecundity 48.055 ± 14.224 [Female reared in artificial conditions] 48.05 thousand eggs/kg
Aristichthys nobilis Male Length at sexual maturity 48.4 ±2.4 [Males in reared conditons] 48.4 cm
Aristichthys nobilis Male Weight at sexual maturity 2.4 ±0.3 [Males in reared conditions] 2.4 kg
Aristichthys nobilis Male Male sexual dimorphism Mature males had rough body surface and callosities on the fins Absent