Sepulveda, 1994


Sepulveda, A. (1994) Daily growth increments in the otoliths of European smelt Osmerus eperlanus larvae. Marine Ecology Progress Series, pp. 33-42

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Osmerus eperlanus Egg Oocyte diameter The egg, which has a diameter ranging from 0.75 to 0.90 mm 0.9 mm
Osmerus eperlanus Egg Degree-days for incubation The fish hatch as larvae after 17 days at 12°C 17.0 °C * day
Osmerus eperlanus Larvae Initial larval size The fish hatch as larvae at approximatively 4.8 mm total length 4.8 mm
Osmerus eperlanus Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption The yolk sac is fully absorbed at a total length of 8 mm, 9 days after hatching at 17.7°C. Smelt larvae with functional mouth and remaining yolk sac are already capable of performing exogenous feeding. 8.0 °C * day
Osmerus eperlanus Spawning conditions Spawning season Considering these determinations, one can estimate that for 1993, smelt spawned between 22 March and 7 April with a peak spawning effort on 29 March. ['March', 'April']