Rubin et al,2004


Rubin, J.F. and Glimsäter, C. and Jarvi, T. (2004) Characteristics and rehabilitation of the spawning habitats of the sea trout, Salmo trutta, in Gotland (Sweden). Fisheries Management and Ecology [Fish. Manage. Ecol.], pp. 15-22

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salmo trutta fario Female Length at sexual maturity Total length of the females spawning in Själsoänduring the season1992/1993 at 1999/2000, ranged from 185 to 890 mm (mean 572+/- 112 mm, n=238) 572.0 cm
Salmo trutta fario Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance The natural spawning grounds under study are in Själsöan, a stream located 7 km north of Visby, with a river basin are of 35 km² 7.0 km
Salmo trutta fario Spawning conditions Spawning season The spawning season was from 3 November 1992 to 9 January 1993 ['January', 'November']
Salmo trutta fario Spawning conditions Spawning substrate At some locations, especially in the lower sections, the substratum was dominated by fine sediment. These areas were never used for spawning. All the spawning grounds were exclusively lovated on clean gravel areas Lithophils