Parensky et al, 2002


Parensky, V.A. and Shevlyakov, E.A. and Kovalev, M.Y.u. (2002) Overcrowding of Spawning Areas with Spawners of Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka as a Factor Determining the Discrete Dates of Larvae Hatching and Differentiation of Juveniles by Body Size. Journal of Ichthyology/Voprosy Ikhtiologii [J. Ichthyol./Vopr. Ikhtiol.], pp. 739-742

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Oncorhynchus nerka Egg Temperature for incubation 2.5-3.5°C in the ground at the level of the lower horizon of a redd and 5-7°C in the upper layer of a redd 3.0 °C
Oncorhynchus nerka Egg Degree-days for incubation 630-640 635.0 °C * day
Oncorhynchus nerka Spawning conditions Spawning water type Rivers and bowls No category
Oncorhynchus nerka Spawning conditions Mating system By pair Monogamy
Oncorhynchus nerka Spawning conditions Parity Post-spawning death Semelparous