MacQuarrie et al, 1978


MacQuarrie, D.W. and Markert, J.R. and Vanstone, W.E. (1978) Photoperiod induced off-season spawning of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). Ann. Biol. Anim. Biochm. Biophys., pp. 1051-1058

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Oncorhynchus kisutch Female Age at sexual maturity Usually mature at 3 3.0 year
Oncorhynchus kisutch Female Length at sexual maturity 40.3 ±2.3 [n=30 artificial conditions] 40.3 cm
Oncorhynchus kisutch Female Weight at sexual maturity 0.789 ± 0.139 [n=30, artificial conditions] 0.79 kg
Oncorhynchus kisutch Female Relative fecundity 0.943-1.060 [in artificial conditions] 1.0 thousand eggs/kg
Oncorhynchus kisutch Male Age at sexual maturity Usually mature at 3 but sometimes at 2 3.0 years
Oncorhynchus kisutch Male Length at sexual maturity 38 ± 25 [n=13, artificial conditions] 38.0 cm
Oncorhynchus kisutch Male Weight at sexual maturity 0.63±0.124 [n=13, artificial conditions] 0.63 kg
Oncorhynchus kisutch Spawning conditions Spawning season December 9-21 in captivity [normal conditions: October to January] ['January', 'October', 'November', 'December']