Dlugosz and Demska-Zakes, 1989


Dlugosz, M. and Demska-Zakes, K. (1989) Sex differentiation in whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.). Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria [ACTA ICHTHYOL. PISC.], pp. 21-32

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus lavaretus Egg Temperature for incubation The aquaria were supplied with filtered lake water. Water temperature increased gradually from 7°C in February to 19.5°C in June 1986 7.0 °C
Coregonus lavaretus Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Feeding commenced on 13 February (three days after hatching) 13.0 °C * day