Dostatni and Luczynski, 1991


Dostatni, D. and Luczynski, M. (1991) Duration of eleutheroembryonic phase of Coregonus albula (L.) larvae reared at different constant and variable temperatures. Aquaculture and Fisheries management, pp. 19-24

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus albula Egg Temperature for incubation Incubated at a constant temperature of 12°C 12.0 °C
Coregonus albula Larvae Temperature during larval development Different rearing temperature: 4.5, 6.0, 8.6, 10.4, 13.5, 15.9 and 19.0°C 4.5 °C
Coregonus albula Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Time from hatching to exogeneous feeding in vendace, larvae decreased from 8 to 2 days when the temperature increased from 4.5 to 19°C. In the vendace population the larvae start exogeneous (mixed feeding at a total length of 9.5 mm [Other studies: at a constant temperature of 10°C, 6 days after hatching, whereas at 9.4°C, it amounted to 4 days] 8.0 °C * day