Schueller et al, 2005


Schueller, A.M. and Hansen, J.F. and Newman, S.P. and Edwards, C.J. (2005) Density dependence of walleye maturity and fecundity in big Crooked Lake, Wisconsin, 1997-2003. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, pp. 841-847

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Sander vitreus Female Age at sexual maturity Age at 50% maturity ranged from 3.89 to 4.88 years 50.0 year
Sander vitreus Female Length at sexual maturity The length of walleyes used in the fecundity sample ranged from 11.0 to 24.7 inches and averaged 17.1 (SD= 2.4 in.) 11.0 cm
Sander vitreus Female Absolute fecundity Fecundity for a 17-in walleye ranged from 41,061 to 53,009 eggs 17.0 thousand eggs